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Our language training program

What foreign language requirements do your employees have? What skills do you need and in which situations? What are your short and medium-term tasks, and which specific skills do you need to learn in the respective foreign language?

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Our language training programme

Our Performer+ language training focuses on your employees and their specific work environment. Over the past years, we have defined our language training concept to the needs of our customers, and have developed highly efficient and situation-specific language training. In 60-minute sessions, the participants train with the language coach the skills that they need for their specific activities in the short and medium term. The Performer+ programme covers all the training needs of your company, from the elementary level with basic training needs, to the savvy language user with a need for fine-tuning, through to the professional who can then focus on specific situations, such as coaching for a company presentation, bonus negotiation or sales meeting. Our state-of-the-art training system provides the ideal learning environment. Employees now train in person with their personal native speaker in a flexible manner that is not tied to any location.

Completed training content can be retrieved online at any time using the repository function. The integration of YouTube and modern video streams allow for varied learning, even after a training session, be it while waiting at the airport or during spare time.

Language on Demand

With Language On Demand, the second, and also very innovative, component of our Performer+ training, participants can be supported by their trainer at short notice or even ad hoc. The trainer supports them, for example, in the preparation of technical documentation or marketing presentations, brings the related work content to native speaker level and coaches employees on their everyday work content at the same time. Employees can safely and conveniently upload documents at any time, even during a scheduled training session. The switch between training and specific support at short notice is seamless.

Global Training

Connect your employees in virtual teams and network them internally in global, virtual training groups.

The example below shows how sales staff from different countries are connected to form a virtual training group. The trainer coaches the sales teams on the basis of their own sales material and optimises the content with them. In brief sales simulations, individual employees present individual products and sub-sections of their presentations in the respective foreign language. The rest of the team simulates the customer and asks questions about the products. During the sessions, the trainer corrects and optimises the entire process and language skills of each individual employee.

International networking of training participants in the virtual team not only increases the linguistic competence of each sales employee, but also promotes company-internal communication of the sales teams in the different countries. The regular decision-making by the sales staff on sales topics and presentations are an important building block for the global success of the entire organisation.