Top Class Language

... highly efficient, flexible time and location.
This is how we learn foreign languages today!
Top Class Language Training!

If you are seeking the best language training for your employees, look no further. Highly efficient, online, any time, any place. This is how we provide language training today.

Our highly acclaimed Performer+ language training programme offers your employees practical language training of the highest calibre. In person with one appointed language trainer throughout.

Compare us with your existing provider and test us free-of-charge and without obligation. We are sure that we can impress you.
Our training is characterised by
  • high-quality training
  • highly qualified, native speaker trainers
  • öflexible times and locations
  • a high degree of specialisation
  • straightforward, user-friendly technology; and
  • simple dial-in options via telephone, video chat, Skype (for business) or VoIP (headset))
Online In person

Our state-of-the-art training system provides your employees with the perfect learning environment. They learn and interact in person with their trainer, using the best possible voice and video quality.

Furthermore, the trainee's own work content can be quickly and safely uploaded during the training, and integrated in an ad-hoc manner. In addition to previously defined training content, by directly supporting the trainee in the context of their own work, their learning is specifically relevant to their own, everyday and practical work content. The perfect combination for personal learning success!

Completed training sessions can be retrieved online at any time - the training history stores the individual training sessions, which allows for flexible preparation and follow-up. Modern video streaming and the integration of YouTube also offer training participants a diverse learning experience while on the road or during their spare time.

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Global Learning

Learning across national borders. We connect your employees worldwide to learning units, thus fostering internal communication beyond national borders. For example, you can connect teams of people with similar content interests to a virtual group and train your employees efficiently, globally and networked.

The advantages at a glance

Globally standardised language training that can be managed centrally, standardised training methodology and checks on success, avoidance of complex cooperation with third-party providers in country subsidiaries, as well as centralised quality management and a uniform, integrated technology.